Scoping Exercise of Current Service Provision for Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer in Northern Ireland

1 Jun 2015
Northern Ireland Cancer Network
Patients and public
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The number of TYAs diagnosed with cancer in NI between 2008 -2012 was 376. This equates to an average of 76 TYAs per year. This unique group of patients has complex and specialist needs associated with both their disease and general developmental age. TYAs with cancer interact with many services including haematology, oncology, medical and surgical specialities, psychology, psychiatry, palliative care, social work, youth work and education with wider support from Allied Health Professionals2. Their care also transcends professional, organisational and geographical boundaries. 

During the scoping exercise the view of only having an average of 76 TYA cancer patients a year was consistently quoted as the main reason for the lack of a driver for developing TYA services in Northern Ireland (NI). Inspection of figures produced by Cancer Research UK and the National Cancer Intelligence Network calls this statement into question.