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11 Apr 2016
UTV News
Around 70% of cancer patients in Northern Ireland are being forced to wait too long for treatment, according to Cancer Research UK. Please click...
11 Apr 2016
Public Health Agency
The Public Health Agency (PHA) is using Bowel Cancer Awareness Month this month to encourage those eligible to use the free home bowel screening kits...
6 Apr 2016
NUI Galway
The venom from a false black widow spider known as the Steatoda nobilis is being researched for the first time at NUI Galway for its therapeutic...
6 Apr 2016
Tyrone Times
Scientists have moved a step closer to being able to predict the likelihood that very early tumours will develop into full-blown breast cancer,...
6 Apr 2016
Cancer Research UK
April is bowel cancer awareness month, and a great opportunity to focus on one of the most common types of cancer in the UK. Please click here to...