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24 Nov 2017
Imperial College London
A new project to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) could improve breast screening could potentially lead to more accurate detection of cancers...
24 Nov 2017
ITV News
A new immune therapy developed from “miraculous” cases of cancer recovery could be tested on human patients next year. The treatment uses cancer-...
24 Nov 2017
Science Daily
Human cells contain 48 proteins that are known to depend on complexes of iron and sulfur to function. Dismantled whenever they encounter oxygen,...
24 Nov 2017
Cancer Research UK
Bacteria found in certain bowel cancers can also be found inside a small number of tumours that have spread to another part of the body, says new...
23 Nov 2017
The Telegraph
  More than 20,000 men will have to wait at least a year for access to a breakthrough prostate cancer treatment which cuts deaths by almost...