Measurement of Chemotherapy workload

30 Aug 2013
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In early 1998, an inter Trust working group (chaired by Mrs M Waddell) was established by the Regional Medical Services Consortium (RMSC). In March 1999 it published its report in which it had developed a common unit of measurement for aseptic chemotherapy workload. 

A unit of issue was defined as “any individually dispensed item.” A dose would consist of one or more units of issue. Each unit of issue would be assigned a pre-defined band. The numerical value of the band increased with the increased complexity of the unit of issue. 

In April 2003, a further report “Pharmacy Resources for Oncology” was produced by the RMSC working group. In this report the G6 Oncology/Haematology Pharmacists subgroup had revised and updated the banding definitions. 

Also in order to give a composite measure of workload which takes into account both complexity and the number of doses prepared, banding was taken a step further to give “units of work”. 

The chemotherapy complexity band definitions below have been further developed to be reflective of current practices. 

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