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Support for Patients

Cancer support services in Trusts

Finding out that you or someone close to you has cancer can be difficult and confusing at any time, the impact of Covid 19 on our health services and daily lives has added to this. You may have concerns and questions and you may be unsure who to speak to.
There is a Macmillan Information and Support Service based at a hospital near you, to help you through all stages of your cancer experience.  They work closely with local charity partners to bring you help and support. They take the time to understand you and all that matters to you, so they can help you get the information and support you need.

Video – support cancer diagnosis

While some of the centres may be closed their experienced staff are still here listen to your worries and concerns and offer free confidential support and advice, as well as help with practical matters. Sevices available include
  • emotional support and a listening ear
  • help to answer some of your questions about cancer  treatments
  • help you access counselling and complementary therapies
  • help you access benefits and financial advice services,  and other practical help such as transport, or help at home
  • signposting to local services such as  physical activity programmes specifically  for people with cancer.

Click here for latest updates on support available.

If you are waiting for surgery or treatment to start.
It is important that you look after yourself during this time. The Macmillan Information and Support Service teams can provide guidance and access to a range of people and services to help you live well and prepare for treatment. When people are less anxious, more physically fit and feel better informed and supported it can make a real difference to their cancer experience.

Contact your local service click the link Local Macmillan Cancer Information and Support Services