NICaN Clinical Groups

NICaN Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs)

NICaN facilitates a number of tumour specific Clinical Reference Groups (CRGs).  These groups meet to address a particular type of cancer (e.g., breast, lung), or a particular service area (e.g., SACT or radiotherapy).

Tumour specific CRGs include a full range of healthcare professionals from all trusts and across the cancer care pathway, (diagnostic and treatment). The groups also include cancer service managers and members who represent the patient and public voice and who have experience of the cancer journey. The tumour specific clinical reference groups meet regularly and work collaboratively to deliver the following key core objectives:

    • Agree clinical management guidelines and ensure consistency of delivery across all trusts
    • Service planning/delivery
    • Service improvement and redesign
    • Quality monitoring and evaluation
    • Education and workforce and Research and development

For more information on membership and Terms of Reference for each group, see the tale below for either Tumour Specific Groups or Themed groups.

CRGClinical Chair
Brain and Central Nervous SystemMs. Nicola Johnston, Consultant Neurosurgeon, RVH.
BreastMs. Lynn Darragh, Consultant General Surgeon, SEHSCT
ColorectalMr. Barry McAree, Consultant Surgeon NHSCT
Gynae cancerDr Ian Harley, Consultant Gynaecologist, BHSCT
Head and Neckvacant
LungMr. Niall McGonigle, Consultant Thoracic Surgeon, BHSCT.
Skin (Melanoma & complex skin Ca)Dr Bode Oladipo, Consultant oncologist, BHSCT.
ThyroidDr Steven Hunter, Consultant Endocrinologist (BHSCT)
Upper GIMr. Andrew Kennedy, Consultant OG Surgeon, BHSCT.
UrologyMr. Mark Haynes Consultant Urologist, SHSCT