Other support services

It’s more than disease and the treatment. There are many non-clinical support services available to support people when living with and beyond cancer, throughout their cancer pathway. Some services may require referral from a health care professional and for others patients can self refer.

Reablement and social care

Reablement is the short term support designed to give older people confidence to manage daily tasks and is available through health care professionals. This sub-domain will also include information related to transport and other day to day activities.

Finance and benefits

Cancer and its treatment may result in unexpected costs. Teams working with cancer patients can direct you to services to provide specific help and support with benefits advice and welfare rights.

Vocational rehabilitation-help with getting back to work

Many patients wish to remain in or return to work as soon as they feel able to do so. Advice and support is available to support you, carers, health care professionals and employers.

Complementary therapies

Complementary therapies are used alongside orthodox treatments with the aim of providing psychological and emotional support through the relief of symptoms. This means they complement the range of services provided by the NHS. Alternative therapies purport to offer a distinct alternative to orthodox cancer treatments and are not considered here. You can search for your nearest complementary therapy provision by utilising your postcode.

Voluntary Sector / Support Groups

Volunteers and support groups can have a major role in supporting you following your treatment. There are many examples of support services within the website which you may find useful.