Education and information

Information and resources are available to support people with cancer and their families and friends throughout the cancer journey.  Knowledge allows people to become active partners in their health care.

Information is available as leaflets, booklets and online from many local and national charities.  In addition specific education sessions are often provided either as single events or as a structured programme over several weeks.

Self Management Programmes

These are usually a series of workshops or information sessions covering a variety of topics.  Each session will be on average 2 hours long and continue over a period of 4-8 weeks. Search the website for self management programmes to find a programme suitable for you.

There are also online self management resources available:

Sexual life with prostate cancer – for men (and partners) who have been treated for prostate cancer. To access this free resource visit

Information / Education Days / Cancer Health & Wellbeing Events

These education events provide a variety of information and signposting to other support services that are available. They are designed to provide brief introductions to a range of services and you can pick and choose if you need any further information or support in that area.  They vary in length (2-3 hours), time of day (morning, afternoon, evening) and in content with some being specific to certain cancer types and others being open to people with all types of cancer.  Please contact your local health care professional or information officer regarding times and dates of the next event in your area.

Information Centres / Information Officers

Due to the importance of providing people with cancer with information there are dedicated information centres and information officers in each Trust in Northern Ireland.